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Creating Smart Electronic Devices


Who we are

4T2 Technologies provide our clients with an effective mechanism to get new and innovative products to market.  We create and develop electronic devices, and service customers who have a great concept.  4T2 Technologies work with a wide range of clients such as App Developers. We assist industry to create projects including test rigs, design IOT devices, and produce sports and leisure equipment. We also enable startup/conceptual projects to happen.  We relish working with clients who have a passion for what they do, and strive to incorporate creativity with innovative technology.  Our focus is on developing bespoke and custom made products, we create, advise and develop.

How we help

One thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of innovation. We recognise the technological landscape is constantly evolving. Many of our clients are experts in their field, who are looking to create and develop an original concept.  In addition, a proportion of our business originates from clients who are not from an engineering or technical background, but have an outline of a potential product. 4T2 Technologies can apply both science and engineering to translate concepts to the technical arena.


We are based in the UK  and service customers worldwide.  Our focus is on developing customised hardware for people.  We create, advise and develop.