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What We Do



Whether it be a feasibility study to establish what technology you require to get your idea off the ground, or buying in knowledge and support to incubate an idea to put it into production, we are here every step of the way.  Our services include:


Prototype and Designconcept-grey

Creating a device is about realising a product in line with it’s demands and expectations. We offer our clients a “Research, Prototype, Design” service, sometimes called a feasibility study, this maybe a stand-alone service or a part of a completed product development.










Staged Development

Our highly efficient approach is designed to minimise risk and development costs, whilst delivering a product fit for purpose in a timely manner.  Our methodology is based on a “gated” process, where agreed milestones are achieved prior to the next phase being implemented. Our clients consistently yield the advantages of our structured method, thus re-enforcing assurance that the product is developed as envisaged.  We pride ourselves on transparency, so clients always know what is happening  through our review process.









Concept to Productionresearch-grey

Nurturing your idea from the conceptual stage and delivering a final product ready for production, we will support you every step of the way.  With vast experience of manufacturing and engineering, 4T2 Technologies help you avoid the pitfalls when developing and manufacturing devices.  We have a deep understanding of modern mechanical manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing and 5-Axis machining, and will apply our knowledge to ensure volume to value ratio. We effectively design for clients be it low volume electronic prototyping, to the upscaling of production runs. Our comprehensive supply chain both domestic and international, offers the best value and lowest lead times










Modernising an old devicedevelopment-grey

The world of electronics changes rapidly, and offers huge advantages over out dated technology.  If you are looking to reduce space, energy consumption, weight, integrate older systems with new, increase environmental resistance, or add functionality we can help.